4ever Cadged

Animal in cages is wrong, no exceptions!

Animals can feel, and if you have feeling then you should feel sick about this. No animal should be kept in cages. They have a right. Theres a place that people have limited space its called prison.

No place should be allowed to keep animals in cages. Not pounds, not pet shops, not even zoos. They have no space to move. Animals can get frustrated in cages and it leads to biting their skin, tails and feet. Statistics show that only 5% of species in UK zoos are officially listed as endangered.   Less than 1% of the endangered species held in

UK zoos have been reintroduced to the wild.  Another study found that only 2% of the whole world’s 6,000-plus threatened or endangered species were registered in zoo breeding programs. It is wrong and sick.

Animals have been treated cruelly for to long. Kept in cages, when they are meant to be in the wild. In America before 1986, only four states had felony animal cruelty laws. Since human have been around we have been cruel to animals. Only recently animals have been given rights. Still animals are allowed to be kept in cages.

Without animals we would be hopeless. If animals didn’t have us there life’s would be better off. They wouldn’t have to be kept in small spaces and be treated cruelly. Keeping animals in cages is wrong and it needs to be illegal. Humans are mammals and mammals are animals and yet we aren’t in cages. Who could think this is ok? How can you sleep at night when poor innocent animals are in cages?

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4ever judged.

I know I’ve said to be orginal, I’m myself scared of being judged. I buy my own clothes. I’m so scared of people talking behind my back, about wearing something out of fashion or wearing something twice.I even want to kept my blog secret except for a few friends. I hate it, I hate the feeling.

Its gotta stop. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve judged people but I learnt my lesson. It hurts. So forget about the rest. I’m not going to judge people. So if your gonna gossip about someone for hell sake don’t. If you have to, gossip about celebs.


4ever Orignal

I always like to have my own style. To stand out but yet fit in. I rather be the only different person in the world then to be a clone. People always try to fit in and I’m not pointing fingers I did. But now I know it doesn’t matter. That its more important to be yourself.
So keep in touch of trends but change it suit your style. Remember not to be afraid and to do something bold and new.


This blog will be 4ever original.

4ever Music

I was listening to some music and I found it so hard not to dance and sing (I am terrible by the way)! Music can create a solid friendship or relationship. It doesn’t matter if you listen to pop, rock, hip hop or classical! If music is in your life than it should make you fell better. Music makes us unite no matter what the situation. It can make the worst of times the best of times


I was listening to some songs on my phone I got a lot of messages. Some were faint and some were the whole theme of the song. But they all had a message.
So if you guys (whoever reads this) could make a song what would your message be? Leave your idea as a comment and in 1-2 months time I’ll add all your ideas (if there is any) in a blog topic I’ll call it 4ever your music message. So keep your eyes peeled.
My Blog promise to listen to music 4ever.

4ever new!


Make the best of anything new! When you get a  new opportunity grasp it. When you get a new bike you ride 4ever until you master it. When you get a new book write until you have wrote a novel short or long.

Everyday something new happens good or bad. But its a matter of what you make of it. So when I got a blog what else could I do but blog. When you get something new you use it. When the novelty runs out, use it still until it becomes a force of habit. Keep the brilliance in what you do when it gets old. Make old new some way.

My first blog promise is to keep this blog…

4ever new!